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They may not always be the most fun to study, but how well someone can use verbs in English often differentiates good English speakers from excellent ones. Use our verb resources to master verbs and excel in English.

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Simple Present Tense Resources

The simple present tense is where it all begins. Strong English skills start with a solid foundation in the simple present tense.

English verbs for beginners

English Verbs For Beginners

In English Verbs for Beginners, you can learn about the basics of how verbs work in English. It will also help by explaining the best ways to study and learn verbs.

Start learning about English verbs for beginners.

Is, am, and are: understanding "to be" in present simple

Is, Am, and Are Verbs

If the simple present is where verbs in English start, then is, am, and are is where the simple present starts. These conjugations of to be are not only important because of their use in the simple present, but also for their usefulness in the present continuous. 

Start learning about is, am, and are verbs.

simple present examples and grammar

Simple Present Examples and Grammar

There is more to the simple present tense than just is, am, and are. Learn about regular and irregular verbs in the simple present tense. You will also be able to see multiple examples of these verbs at work so you can begin to form your own sentences.

Start learning about simple present tense examples and grammar.

simple present test

Simple Present Test

Once you think you have a strong knowledge of the simple present tense, you can try our simple present quiz. This quiz will make sure you can correct improper sentences, conjugate verbs, construct sentences, and listen to sentences and answer questions.

Start our simple present quiz.  

Present Continuous Tense Resources

When we’re teaching, we usually start teaching the present continuous as our second verb tense. Why? Because it is easy to construct when you know the simple present, and because you’ll need it to talk about the present.

Present Continuous Grammar and Rules

Present Continuous Grammar and Rules

If you want to be able to understand the present continuous tense, then you need to understand the rules. Learn the grammar and uses of the present continuous so you can begin to master this verb tense.

Start learning about the present continuous rules.

60 Present Continuous Example Sentences

Present Continuous Examples

Now that you know the rules for how to make a sentence in the present continuous tense, you need to practice. One of the best ways to do that is to look at examples of these kinds of sentences and then emulate them.

Take a look at examples of the present continuous tense.

Present Continuous Test

Present Continuous Test

This test will check to see how good your knowledge of the present continuous tense is. This test is designed to be quick and comprehensive, so if you can ace this, then you know you have a pretty good knowledge of this verb tense. 

Start the present continuous test now. 

The Action Verbs List

Actions Verbs List

When we use the present continuous, we are usually going to be using action verbs. These verbs emphasize doing something over stative verbs. This list can help you study the most common action verbs in English.

Explore our action verbs list.

Present Perfect Tense Resources

The present perfect tense bridges the gap between the past tense and present tense. It can be tricky to master, especially because it can seem very similar to other verb tenses. You can start with our grammar page to learn more about how we use this tense, why we use it, and how you can form it.

Present Perfect Tense Grammar

Present Perfect Tense Grammar

This tense will take some practice before you can use it properly. Start by learning how to form the present perfect and in what cases we use it.

Start learning how to use the present perfect tense.

Present Perfect Quiz

Present Perfect Tense Quiz

Our present perfect tense quiz is here to help you test your knowledge of this complicated verb tense. It includes 26 questions, including two audio questions.

Practice the present perfect tense here.

Simple Future Tense Resources

Our third verb tense is the simple future. This tense is one of the easiest to learn. There are two main versions that you need to be proficient in: will and going to. But once you master these, you can expect to be able to speak about most things that will happen in the future with no problems at all.

Simple Future Tense

Simple Future Tense Grammar

It all starts with grammar. We may not like to learn it, but there is no better starting point when learning verbs in English. Use this guide to quickly understand the simple future tense in English.

Start learning how to use the simple future tense.

42  Simple Future Tense Examples

Simple Future Examples

Examples are a great way to learn grammar. Some people can read something and understand it, but for others, it is far easier to see sentence examples and then learn from them. For those people, we have put together a number of examples to help you master this tense.

Explore our simple future tense examples.

Simple Future Test

Simple Future Tense Test

See how well you know the simple future tense with this simple future test. It has 25 questions and comes with an answer pdf.

Try our simple future tense test.

Future Continuous Tense Resources

It may not be as widely taught as some of the other English verb tenses, but Future Continuous is still something every English learner should know how to use and understand.

Future Continuous Tense Grammar

Future Continuous Tense Grammar

It may seem difficult at first, but not all future sentences should be put in the simple future tense. As your English improves, you will want to be more precise and take advantage of more advanced tenses to get your point across.

This guide will help you learn about the future continuous (future progressive) tense and how it can help you become more fluent.

Learn about future continuous structures and uses.

Future Continuous Examples

Future Continuous Tense Examples

Future continuous (also known as future progressive) may not be the hardest verb tense, but it can still take some work to master. We have created some sample sentences to help you on your way to forming perfect future continuous sentences.

Study our future continuous tense sample sentences.

Future Continuous Test

Future Continuous Tense Test

The next step in English fluency involves seeing how well you remember what you have learned. Once you are done studying future continuous grammar and examples, take a look at our test to see how good you are.

Take our future continuous test to see how your skills measure up.

Simple Past Tense Resources

For many students, the simple past tense is the bane of their existence. But it doesn’t have to be. With our resources, you can quickly be on your way to mastering this crucial verb tense.

A guide to the simple past tense

Simple Past Tense Rules

It all starts with a solid grounding in the rules and sentence patterns involved in the simple past. You can learn all of the conjugations that you want, but without a basis in this grammar, you are going to have trouble getting this tense right.

Learn how to make sentences in the simple past.

Simple Past Tense Examples and Conjugations

Simple Past Tense Examples and Conjugations

Unlike in most of the verb tenses that we have encountered up until now, the simple past is going to require you to learn complicated conjugations. We have designed this resource to introduce you to the most common irregular conjugations that you will need to memorize.

Begin learning irregular conjugations in the simple past tense.

Simple Past Test

Simple Past Test

Test what you think you know about the simple past with our simple past tense quiz. It won’t take too long, and it should give you a good sense of where you are with this difficult verb tense.

Try our simple past test.

Past Continuous Tense Resources

Past continuous is an easy to learn verb tense that will add so much to your English. Past continuous helps us describe the past, complimenting the more direct sentences we make with the simple past.

Past Continuous Tense Grammar

Past Continuous Tense Rules

Forming the past continuous tense is not so hard. If you have already learned present continuous and simple past, then past continuous will be no problem.

Use this guide to learn how to form these sentences. As well, you can learn when you should use past continuous over simple past.

Begin learning the past continuous tense now.

Past Continuous Tense Examples

Past Continuous Tense Examples

If you are practicing the past continuous tense, it can really help to see some examples of how it works.

We have put together 67 sample sentences for you to read. As well, you can always ask for help, and have us take a look at your sentences.

Read our past continuous tense examples.