What is the Learner’s Nook?

Hi! It’s nice to have you here. If you’re here, that means that you want your child to learn English, and you’ve come to the right place! Since we started out as teachers, we know how hard it is to make your own fun and engaging worksheets to motivate your child to learn. Coming up with fun games that will help your kids remember their lessons is another struggle in and of itself.

So what we aim to do is make it easier for ESL parents to teach their kids English. The key difference between our platform and other ESL sites is that we know that the key to a child’s learning is the involvement of his or her parents. So we teach parents to teach their kids English.

Right now, we’re starting with phonics. Then, we’ll start making materials for simple words and sentences. After which, we’ll go into reading and writing. And the list goes on! As we build the Learner’s Nook, we’re going to keep adding value to keep your child engaged.

Why Should We Join?

While you’ll still get a lot of value as a non-member, joining the Learner’s Nook will give you access to tons of features that will further assist your child’s learning process. This includes access to all of our worksheets, exclusive content (recordings and videos), pronunciation checks by yours truly, and monthly one-on-one consultation sessions. As well, members will be able to send any questions they have directly to us so that if you have any English questions we can provide an answer, kind of like an on-call tutor! Down the line, we are also planning to do live arts & crafts lessons and STEM projects every other Friday + once-a-month storybook reading!

But most importantly, as a member, you can shape how we grow. You can tell us what lessons you need us to add, what materials you’d like us to make, and what features and services you’d like to see.

Join the Community! – Subscribe to get access to premium content, one-on-one consultations, and progress checks for your child!

Join the Community! – Subscribe to get access to premium content, one-on-one consultations, and progress checks for your child!

Who are we?

Our names are Sydney and Josh. Here are three facts about us:
1. We started teaching English in Nanjing, China (Josh started in 2017, I (Sydney here!) started in 2018).
2. Josh taught at a public school, while I taught at a private language center.
3. We both have our TEFL certifications (requirement for becoming a teacher in China).

Fun fact: Josh has also taught in Taiwan, and we can both speak Mandarin!

We started The Learner’s Nook for ESL parents all over the world. While we were in China, we noticed that parents paid a lot of money just to get their kids in an after-school English class. Both group classes and one-on-one classes are quite pricey!

But we believe that learning English shouldn’t be so expensive. It should be fun, affordable, and accessible. So we made the Learner’s Nook! We quite enjoy teaching and making worksheets, so we thought to make our passion into a platform that could potentially help others.