A Quick and Easy Online Test for Simple Present Tense


If you want to have fluent English, the place to start is by mastering the simple present tense. This test is divided into 5 parts. As it is a test for simple present tense knowledge, you may want to brush up on the grammar and uses for this tense before you begin.

This test is designed to be quick and comprehensive. Some questions may be a little hard for children, so don’t get discouraged if your young one does not get 100%.

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Simple Present Tense Test PDF

You can download the test PFDF below, or, if you prefer, the full version of the test will be written below. Either way, you will need the audio found at the bottom of this page for the 5th part of this test. 

Test Answers PDF

The PDF below has an answer sheet to help you mark and correct your answers for our simple present test. 

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Part 1 – Answer the Question (   /5)

In this portion, we will be asking you a question and providing you an answer found in parentheses. There will be five questions. 

Example Question: How are you today? (good)

Example Answer: I am good.

Question 1: Do you like dogs? (No)


Question 2: Where do you work? (the bank)


Question 3: What color are your pants? (red and blue)


Question 4: What time do you have class tomorrow? (10 o’clock in the morning)


Question 5: Where do you usually go for Christmas? (my cabin)


Part 2 – Correct The Sentence (   /5)

In this section, we will give you a sentence in the present simple tense. We would like you to correct it. Some sentences do not have any mistakes, so be careful.

Question 1: John’s daughter are fifteen years old.


Question 2: I go to school with my friend yesterday.


Question 3: I have a meeting at noon tomorrow.


Question 4: It is okay that my friends come over?


Question 5: I work at the dentist’s office for five years.


Part 3 – Correct the Paragraph (   /8)

Just as in the last section, we want you to read and correct sentences. In this case, we will give you a paragraph and have you make any necessary corrections. We will give one mark for every correct sentence. Not every sentence has a mistake.

Question 1:

Today is january 4th. It is the middle of winter. My name Harry, and I live in a small town in America. Today, I want to playing in the snow. I like the snow because it are pretty and fun to play in. My friends and I usually has snowball fights and makes snowmen. After, we goes home and drink hot chocolate. Winter is my favorite season.  



Part 4 – Fill in the Blank Exercise (   /5)

The purpose of this section is mostly to practice your conjugation skills. We will give you a sentence with a blank to fill in. Inside the blank, you will need to add a verb. 

We will give you the infinitive in brackets beside the blank so that you know which verb to use. Check out the example, so you know how it works.

Example Question: The baby _____ (to crawl) on the ground.

Example Answer: The baby crawls on the ground.

Question 1: Mom and Dad ______ (to be) at work tomorrow. 


Question 2: The class _____ (to have) a project due for tomorrow.


Question 3: We like _______ (to run) quickly in the park.


Question 4: Tim _____ (to see) a dog by the door.


Question 5: I _____ (to pick up) the phone when it rings. 


Part 5 – Multiple Choice Listening Test (   /2)

If you are using the PDF version of our test, you will need to go back to our website to listen to the audio in this section. There are only two questions. Each question has three multiple choice answers. 

Listen to the sentences and then answer the question.

1. What day is it today?

A. It is Friday today.

B. It is Sunday today.

C. We don’t know what day it is today.

2. What kind of food does Jack like?

A. Jack likes sandwiches.

B. Jack likes cookies.

C. Jack likes soup.

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