Fairy Tales for Kids: Goldilocks and the Three Bears


The story of Goldilocks dates back to the 19th century. Overall, the story has not changed so much since its first writing. Unlike many fairy tales, Goldilocks has never really been a scary story but is instead supposed to teach children by giving an example of a rude, little girl named Goldilocks.


Our story will be written in the simple present and contains mostly easy to say and understand words so your child can practice their reading skills.

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Summary

There is a family of three bears who live in a forest. When they go out for the day, a young girl named Goldilocks finds their home and goes inside. Once inside, Goldilocks proceeds to try their porridge, sit in their chairs, and finally take a nap in their beds. 

Goldilocks is awoken when the bears come home. She quickly exits through the window and is never seen from again. 

Notes on the Story

This story has been simplified to help young readers. It has simple present, present continuous, and simple past verb tenses. For words that may be more difficult, we have included a hyperlink to a children’s dictionary. We hope you enjoy the story.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


In a forest lives a family of three bears.
There is Daddy Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.
They are very polite and kind.


One day, after making breakfast, the Bear Family decides to go for a walk.
They need to wait for their porridge to cool.


There is also a little girl in the forest.
Her name is Goldilocks.
Goldilocks is a rude girl.


Goldilocks sees the Three Bears’ house.
She decides to go inside and explore.


Inside, she sees a table with three bowls of porridge.
There is a big bowl, a medium bowl, and a small bowl.
Goldilocks tries each one.


The big bowl is too hot.
The medium bowl is too cold.
The small bowl is just right. 


At the table, there are three chairs.
There is a big one, a medium one, and a small one.
Goldilocks tries each one.


The big chair is too hard.
The medium chair is too soft.
The small chair is just right.


Goldilocks sits down in the small chair and grabs the small bowl of porridge.
She eats and eats and eats.
She eats all of the porridge.


As she finishes the porridge, she hears a crack.
Goldilocks is too big for the small chair.
The small chair breaks, and she falls to the ground.


Goldilocks is tired now.
She walks upstairs to look for a bed.
She leaves a big mess downstairs.


Upstairs, she finds a bedroom with three beds.
There is a big bed, a medium bed, and a small bed.
Goldilocks tries each one.


The big bed is too high.
The medium bed is too low.
The small bed is just right.


Goldilocks jumps into the small bed and goes to sleep.
At the same time, the Bear Family comes back to their home.


They find the door open.
“This is very strange,” they say.


Once inside, Daddy Bear sees that some of his porridge is missing.
“Someone tasted my porridge,” he says.
Mama Bear looks in her bowl, “someone tasted my porridge too!”


Baby Bear goes to his porridge bowl and looks inside.
Someone tasted my porridge, and they ate it all up!”


Now the bears look around.
“Someone sat in my chair!” says Daddy Bear.
Mama Bear looks at her chair, “someone sat in my chair too!”


Baby Bear walks over and sees his chair.
“Someone sat in my chair, and they broke it!”


The bears go upstairs to the bedroom to see if anything is wrong there.
“Someone touched my bed!” says Daddy Bear.
Mama Bear looks at her bed, “someone touched my bed too!”


Baby Bear walks over and looks in his bed.
“Someone touched my bed, and they’re still sleeping there!


Hearing a voice Goldilocks wakes up.
She sees three bears leaning over her.
She screams in fright.


Goldilocks jumps out of the bed and out the window.
She falls to the ground and runs for the forest.


The Bear Family cleans their house.
Daddy Bear fixes Baby Bear’s chair.
They hope rude Goldilocks never comes back.

Vocabulary to Learn

















Just right




















Things You Can Learn With This Story

Stories can play a role in helping you review new vocabulary and grammar in English. Stories are fun to read and constantly reinforce the basics of English grammar and sentence structure. Here are some ideas on grammar points you could review with this story.

1. Practice Adjective Pairs

Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a story filled with adjective pairs. Examples include hot/cold, hard/soft, rude/polite, and high/low. Learning adjectives can be hard for children, and they require a lot of practice. This story can help by laying out some basic adjectives with their opposite so children can understand what they mean. 

2. Introduction to the Past Tense

The past tense is one of the first big hurdles young learners will face when learning English. Even if they aren’t quite ready to learn it, it can be useful to have them understand that verbs change in different tenses. 

Due to the nature of the story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears requires some use of the past tense. You can use this story to help teach past tense or to just introduce your child to the idea.

3. The Use of “Too”

“Too” is a useful word to understand in English. We see it used several times in this story, so it may be a good time to teach it to your child. Make sure you don’t forget to scaffold your teaching properly, though. Teach your child “too” and then use this story to reinforce that lesson.


Extra Activities

When your child falls in love with a story, they can obsess about it. If that happens, here are ways that you can use that obsession to help their English progress.

Make It Perfect

Practice the phrases too hot, too cold, too high, etc. Do this by making your child’s favorite drink or snack and having them try it and adjust it until it’s perfect. 

Rude Vs Polite

Although we want to focus on teaching your child about English, it is also important that we help them grow as people as well. Goldilocks is a rather rude child, and you can use her as an example of what you shouldn’t do. 

To practice the terms rude and polite, you can play a game. Have your children act out different actions and then have other children guess whether what they are doing is polite or rude.

YouTube Versions of the Story

Some people prefer to watch a story instead of reading it. Both of these ways to enjoy a story can help your child improve. Videos help your child improve their listening skills while stories help them with their reading.

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