LingQ Review 2020: Learn English Your way


LingQ is a language learning platform that can help you learn more than twenty languages from around the world. Today’s LingQ review is going to focus on English learning. English is one of the more popular and supported languages on this website, but the main features should be the same across all of LingQ’s supported languages.


LingQ Review at a Glance: Pros and Cons


  • Lots of content for free
  • Import what you want to learn
  • Audio and visual content
  • Great learning philosophy
  • An engaged learning community


  •  It can be complicated to understand everything available
  • Lack of word-by-word translation when your LingQs run out is difficult for free members

What Makes LingQ Different?

LingQ is a language learning platform that believes in the power of using a language over learning it. LingQ wants you to engage with materials that you love instead of focusing on the details of particular grammar points.

To help you with this, LingQ has assembled a variety of materials on a range of topics that you can engage with. It has audio you can listen to, videos you can watch, and transcripts that you can read. LingQ wants to give you the tools to learn a language in a way that you enjoy, and that belief is what makes this website different.

What Features Does LingQ Have?

One of my biggest issues with LingQ is that there are almost too many things you can do on this site. It can be daunting to explore and get used to. Here is an outline of the basic features you can expect to find on LingQ.

LingQ Creation

LingQs are the basic, unique property that the site is built around. While you are exploring content and engaging with a language, you are encouraged to make LingQs with phrases, words, or sentences that you don’t know. 

These LingQs act almost like flashcards that are saved for you to review later. They allow you to make your own definition of a word or phrase. You can choose that definition from a dictionary, from the community, or make it yourself. By making LingQs actively, instead of just writing down a word, the hope is that you will remember that word or phrase better.

Over time, your LingQs build-up, and you should become more fluent and familiar with your target language.

LingQ creation dashboard

Courses and Content Library

One space that you will probably spend a lot of time in LingQ is the library section. In this area, you can filter content by skill-level and by theme. The hope is that you will find content that you enjoy that is at a level that you can grow from.

One thing I really like about the library is that there is tons of content covering a wide variety of topics. Anyone can find something that will interest them. If you are looking for more traditional lessons, they have these as well. Course packs can take you through different grammar concepts that you will need to master to get to the next level of your target language.

Once you find content that you like, you will open it up in the learning screen. Most content comes with audio and a transcript that you can read and follow along with. For more popular courses, videos are also available for you to watch.

Even if you cannot find something on the website, you are still free to import your own content into the LingQ system. This import system works for internet content, ebooks, podcasts, and more.

LingQ dashboard

Learning Forum

LingQ is also home to a fairly lively forum of other people who are learning the same language as you. On this forum, you can ask questions and help people learning your language.

The forum is also a place where you can sign up for writing exchanges and maybe even find a language partner. Each of these activities relies on other people in the community, so how well it works may come down to which language you are learning.

LingQ Forum


Tutors on LingQ can help you in two ways. They can have conversations with you where you pay by the hour. Or, they can help correct your writing which will be charged by the word. Each tutor can decide how much they will charge, so the price differs based on who you want help from.


How Much Does LingQ Cost?

LingQ has two premium membership levels: Premium and Premium Plus.

Premium Costs:

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars

1 month: $52.99 

6 months: $14.99 per month (total: $89.94)

12 months: $10.99 per month (total: $131.88)

24 months: $9.99 per month (total: $239.76)

Premium Plus Costs:

1 month: $15.99

6 months: $49.99 per month (total: $299.94)

12 months: $47.49 per month (total: $569.88)

24 months: $45.99 per month (total: $1103.76)

What does a Free LingQ Account Get You?

A free LingQ account gets you pretty much everything you could want. If you stick with a free account, here are the things you will be missing out on in Premium:

  • Unlimited LingQs (you only get 20)
  • Unlimited Lesson imports
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Offline access on their mobile apps
  • Additional Lessons
  • Ability to Edit and Print Lessons

In my opinion, most of these I could live without. The big game-changer for me is the limited number of LingQs. 

This can be hard for two reasons. The first is that the LingQs are genuinely helpful ways to learn, but you could replace them with your own flashcard program. The second reason is that they quickly translate each word or phrase for you while you are reading. Losing this makes learning materials a lot more time-consuming and difficult. 


Is LingQ Premium Worth the Money?

If you are invested in learning a language, then I think it is definitely worth a try. The one month price, in my mind, is a little high, but you can get a sense of what you are in for and if you will use it. 

LingQ Premium makes the LingQ experience better. I truly believe that it will help you learn a language. You could also learn a language using the free mode, but it will be much easier on Premium. If you plan on sinking an hour a day into this site, then Premium should be a no-brainer. 

What is the Best Way to Use LingQ?

The best way to use LingQ is going to differ for everyone. However, here are some easy tips I think you could use to get more out of this site.

Find Materials that You Like

LingQ has put a lot of work into getting lots of different materials on to their site. Take advantage of this and don’t settle for a lesson or article that you don’t find interesting.

Give the LingQs a Try

Some people are not into flashcards, and I can understand that. I have found LingQs to be more useful to me than just normal flashcards. Even if you don’t plan on reviewing them later, which you should, taking the time to make your LingQs genuinely helps you retain your new language better.

Get Involved in the Forum

Language is supposed to be a tool that can help you communicate and engage with other people from around the world. Take advantage of the LingQ community and use your language skills as much as possible. Whether it is in language exchanges, writing exchanges, or in language challenges, you can engage with others and improve your language skills.


Final Thoughts

For my money, LingQ is one of the best language-learning websites out there. What I love about it is that you’re free to explore and learn a language however you want to. Whereas other sites like Duolingo force you on to a single track, LingQ is a whole big world to explore.

Some people may find it hard to navigate all that LingQ has to offer at first, but as you get used to it, it will become easier. If you are interested in LingQ, try it for free. Later on, you can evaluate whether you think this site is right for you, and try Premium for a month or two and see if it helps you improve.

We hope our LingQ review has been helpful for you. If you are looking at other English language learning platforms, take a look at our post on Cambly and Cambly Kids. These sites are more focused on teaching conversation, so they could help you become a more confident and fluent English speaker. 

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