Online Present Continuous Tense Test


Anyone who has learned a language can tell you that learning something and using it are two very different things. You may have studied the present continuous tense, but using it can be a lot harder. For this reason, we have designed an online present continuous tense test that you can use to really see how good you are with this piece of English grammar. 

If you would like to review present continuous grammar and present continuous examples, you can do that before you take the test.

The answer key for this test is in the pdf at the bottom of this post. You do not need to do all of this test if you don’t want to. Pick and choose your sections as you see fit. Good luck. 


If you would prefer a pdf version of the test, you can download that by clicking the download button below.

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Describe the Picture

Below you will find 5 pictures. For each photo, we would like you to describe what the person or persons are doing. If you would like to make it more difficult, you can add more details like where they are doing the action or with which objects they are doing the action. 

Sample Picture

A lady running in a park.

What is she doing?

She is running.
She is running in the park. 

Question 1

A boy in a bed asleep.

What is he doing?

Question 2

A man who is in a pool swimming.

What is he doing?

Question 3

A boy and a girl jumping on a trampoline.

What are they doing?

Question 4

A woman playing tennis on a tennis court.

What is she doing?

Question 5

A man watching TV.

What is she doing?


Correct the Sentence

In this section, we will give you five present continuous sentences. We would like you to correct them. 

1. They is going to the beach.

2. He is liking to swim.

3. I at the park am playing.

4. It is playing a CD.

5. We are runing to the store.

Correct the Paragraph

This section will be similar to the one above, except for it will be a continuous paragraph. Expect this test to determine your ability with present continuous and your knowledge of when to use present continuous and when not to. 

John is go to the park. He likes the park because it is big and has lots of trees. When John go to the park, he is liking to play soccer. He often is playing with his friends. Their names are Jack and Bob. They also like soccer. They play and have lots of fun. John walking home from the park when he says goodbye to his friends. It is being a good day.

Fill in the Blank Exercise

Please write the correct word in the blank. There may be more than one correct answer.

1. He ___ listening to the radio.

2. ___ am going to the mall.

3. We are _____ TV.

4. Where ____ you going?

5. Why is ____ swimming in the pool?

Multiple Choice Listening Test

Listen to the sentence and choose the best answer.

What is Jill doing?

a. Jill is watching TV.
b. Jill is cooking.
c. Jill is looking for her dog.

What is Jack doing?

a. Jack is running in the park.
b. Jack is working.
c. Jack is eating lunch.

Present Continuous Tense Test – Answer Key

To see the answers to the above questions, you can download our answer key by clicking on the download button below.


What are the Rules of the Present Continuous Tense?

Regardless of how you did on our online test, it may be good for you to brush up on the rules of the present continuous tense. To do that, we would recommend that you check out our post on the present continuous. We also have a post that has a lot of examples of present continuous so that you can see how it works.

How Else Can We Help?

We try our best to cover everything you will need to learn, but sometimes we miss something. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by clicking on the image below or commenting on this post.


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