Dairy Products Vocabulary


Today’s food lesson is going to be about dairy products vocabulary. If you missed our lessons on vegetablesfruit, or meat, we highly recommend you take a look at those when you have the chance. We want to give you all of the tools necessary to teach your child food vocabulary in English because food can be a great way to get your child into the habit of speaking English every day. 

This article not only contains a list of dairy products, milks, and cheeses, but also can give you ideas on how to practice these vocabulary words with your children in fun and effective ways. 

If you are looking for the free dairy flashcards, they can be found near the bottom of this article, or you can click here for the free download. 

Teaching English can be hard, especially for parents who are not native English speakers. So, let us help you. If you have any grammar or vocabulary questions, please drop us a message. We will be happy to answer as quickly as possible, just click the picture below to get started.

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What is a Dairy Product?

A dairy product is any kind of food that is made from milk. Typically, when we think of milk, we think of cow milk. However, humans consume many different types of milk, including a whole bunch of new non-dairy milks. In today’s list, we will look at different types of milk, dairy products, and cheeses. 


Dairy Products Vocabulary with Pictures

Below you can find our list of dairy products in English. We have tried to group everything in easy categories for you to understand. You can find our free food flashcards below our list.

Milk Quantifiers

Since milk is a liquid, it is an uncountable noun. To learn more about uncountable nouns, you can look at our post on countable and uncountable nouns. Uncountable nouns require you to use quantifiers so that people know how much you want. Here are the most common milk quantifiers.

A Glass of Milk


A Carton of Milk


Animal Milk

 Most of the milk consumed around the world is still animal milk. Here are some important terms and kinds of animal milk that you can buy.

Cow Milk


Goat Milk


Yak Milk


Kinds of Cow Milk

There are lots of kinds of milks nowadays. Here are some of the most popular.

Whole Milk

A milk that has been pasteurized, but has not had any fat content removed. 

2% Milk

A kind of milk that has only 2% fat content.

Skim Milk

A kind of milk that has had its fat content removed. 

Raw Milk

Milk that has not been changed in any way. No pasteurization or fat removal. 


Cream is made by skimming the top part of whole milk which has a higher fat content.


Plant-Based Milk

Recently, plant-based milk has become more and more popular. As well, more kinds of plant-based milks are starting to flood the market. Here is an introduction to the basic kinds of plant-based milks that you can find in English. 

Soy Milk


Coconut Milk


Oat Milk


Cashew Milk


Almond Milk


Rice Milk


Dairy Products

This list of dairy products are foods that are made from milk. Usually, it comes from cow milk, but it could come from other kinds of animal or plant-based milks as well. 







Sour Cream


Ice Cream


Whipping Cream


Cream Cheese


Types of Cheese in English

Cheese is a very important and popular kind of food in many western countries. Cheese can be made from any kind of milk, but the most popular kinds of cheese come from cow milk. 

Cheese Quantifiers

A Wheel of Cheese


A Slice of Cheese


Important Types of Cheese













Blue Cheese


Other Kinds of Cheese

There are so many cheeses for you to try. The cheeses listed above are some of the most common. However, if your child really likes cheese, maybe check out some of these other varieties found below.


Cottage Cheese








Vegan Cheese


Are Eggs Dairy Products?

No, eggs are not a dairy product. They are usually considered to be under the meat alternatives category. Dairy products are foods that are made from milk. Eggs do not fit this category. 

Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary games are always a great way to practice dairy vocabulary. To help you out we have made a whole post on different vocabulary games you can play with your child.

This post includes two games that you can download and play with your child. As well, we give you ideas on how to use your new dairy flashcards in fun and useful ways to teach your child about food in English.

Free Dairy Products Vocabulary Flashcards

To help out, we have put together some flashcards you can use to help teach your child. Not all of the items above have been turned into flashcards, but the important ones have been. They are all in black and white, so have your child color them as best they can.

If possible, you should have your child make their own flashcards. However, some children may find some of these things quite hard to draw, so you can use these pre-made flashcards to help them when it gets too hard.

click here to download free dairy flashcards

Dairy Products Vocabulary Exercises

There are lots of great ways that you can practice vocabulary. I would recommend you start by looking at our previous posts on vegetables and fruit that both have a great list of vocabulary exercises. As well, we have made a post focused solely on how to learn vocabulary the right way that could help you teach your child more effectively. Below we have listed some great ideas for dairy specific vocabulary that you may want to practice. 

Cheese and Cracker Taste Test


Pretty much all kids like cheese and crackers. Why not spice it up by turning this into a dairy product learning exercise? Buy some different kinds of cheese and pair them with crackers. Have your kids guess which cheese is which. Have them rank them by taste. Maybe even blindfold them before having them eat it. Have fun and give your children a chance to learn new cheese vocabulary in English. 

Visit a Farm


If you live in an area like me, then you should have some dairy farms around that you can visit. Children love to see and interact with the animals. You may even be able to see how cows are milked nowadays. Kids can practice their farmyard vocabulary and try out some different dairy products that are for sale. 

Make your Own Ice Cream at Home


Ice cream may just be the tastiest kind of treat there is. It is always fun to go out and buy a scoop, but have you ever made it yourself? It really isn’t as hard as you would think, and it can give you a great opportunity to use dairy vocabulary and cooking vocabulary. If you need a recipe, you can try this list that has lots of great kid-friendly ideas. If you are really into it, maybe consider picking up an ice cream maker yourself. 


More Food Vocabulary

If you are looking for more food vocabulary and food flashcards, take a look at our food in English home page. We have lessons on all 5 food groups and common drinks. You can get there by clicking on the image below.

Click here to look at names of food in English Home Page

Final Thoughts

Dairy products and their non-dairy alternatives are an important part of your child’s diet, and chances are they love at least a few of them. If you hope to raise your child to be fluent in English, then you need to get your child engaged in using English to describe the things that they find important, like their favorite foods. Food is one of the best ways that they can learn English because it is vocabulary and content that they will be using for the rest of their lives. Dairy, however, is not the only important kind of food that they should be learning though. So if you missed it, here are links to our previous food lessons on vegetablesfruit, and meat

Good luck, and don’t forget, if you need any help, you can ask us a question for free by clicking the button below. 

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