Kinds of Meat in English Vocabulary (Free Flashcards)


Following our lessons on fruits and vegetables, we are next going to look at different kinds of meat in English. Meat can be a little difficult for children because they are often more familiar with the names of animals than the names of meat in English. Use this guide to help you get your child talking about food in English to help them improve their English food vocabulary. 


Kinds of Meat in English

There are lots of kinds of meat in English. We also use special words to refer to specific, popular cuts or pieces of meat. In this list of meats in English, we will try to give you a broad overview of the important meat words and phrases your child should know.

What is Cow Meat in English?

Cow meat in English is beef.

 Cow meat in English is called beef

steak refers to a large slab of beef that can be served whole or cut up into slices.

Veal refers to the meat that comes from a baby cow. 

A Hamburger is a kind of sandwich that has a beef patty between two buns. It usually has lettuce, tomato, onions, and other condiments as well.  

What is Chicken Meat in English?

Chicken meat in English chicken.

Chicken meat in English is still called chicken. Though, it is part of a larger group of meat called poultry as well. 

Chicken wings are a common North American snack and bar food.

Generally, we separate chicken meat into two kinds of meat: dark meat and white meatChicken legs or drumsticks are dark meat. Chicken breasts refer to white meat. These are the two most common cuts of chicken meat.

What is Pig Meat in English?

Pig meat is pork in English.

Pig meat in English is called Pork.

Pork Chops are the most common chunk of meat that we eat from pigs.

Ham is a thinly sliced pork that comes from the hind legs. Ham is often used in sandwiches. 

Bacon is a thinly-sliced, cured meat that is usually from a pig’s belly. It is a popular breakfast food. 

Hot Dogs and Sausages are tubes of ground-up meat. Hot dogs are generally all made from pork, while sausages can be made from any kind of meat.

Although Ribs could come from many animals, typically, when we refer to ribs, we are referring to pig ribs. 

What is Sheep Meat in English?

Sheep meat in English is mutton or lamb.

Sheep meat in English is called lamb or mutton. Lamb refers to meat that comes from young sheep. Mutton comes from older sheep. 

Lamb chops are the most popular cut of lamb. It comes from the ribs, shoulder, or loin area. 

What is Turkey Meat in English?

Turkey meat in English called Turkey.

Turkey meat in English is still called turkey. Turkey is a meat that is most popular in North America. It is traditionally eaten during Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

Turkey leg is one of the most popular pieces of the turkey. It is famously sold in Disney Land as a treat for guests.  

What is Deer Meat in English?

Deer meat in English is venison.

Deer meat in English is called Venison. Venison is usually considered “game”, which is a meat that comes from a wild animal. Meats coming from animals like deer, bear, moose, or elk are all considered “game.”

What is Duck Meat in English?

Duck meat in English is duck.

Duck meat in English is just called duck. It is less popular in North America compared to other poultry like chicken. However, duck is incredibly popular in parts of Asia.

When North Americans think of duck, we usually think of Roast duck. Roast duck can be served like chicken as the main meat of a traditional meal or cut up and used in soups, wraps, or sandwiches. 

What is Goose Meat in English?

Goose meat in English goose.

Goose meat in English is goose. Roast Goose is a traditional dish in many areas of the world. In western culture, a roast goose was usually served during Christmas, and in Europe, this is still the case in many families. In North America, turkey has become far more common for Christmas dinner. 

What is Goat Meat in English?

Goat meat in English is called goat meat.

Goat meat in English is commonly just called goat. In North America, goat meat is not very popular. It is, however, a popular kind of meat in other countries. Goat meat is considered a kind of red meat. However, its flavor is gamier than other red meats like beef or pork. 


What is Red Meat?

Red meat is the meat that comes from mammals that looks dark red when raw. Generally, when we think of red meat, we are referring to these animals.:

  • Beef (cow)
  • Pork (pig)
  • Lamb (sheep)
  • Mutton (sheep)
  • Goat (goat)

What is Poultry?

Poultry refers to birds that we raise on farms for eating. When we think of poultry, we generally think about these kinds of birds:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Duck
  • Goose

Flashcards for Different Kinds of Meat in English

Click here or on the picture below to download some pre-made flashcards that you can use to help teach your child about different kinds of meat in English. If you are looking for some help, you can look at some flashcard games we have listed in this post.

download free meat vocabulary flashcards

Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary games are always a great way to practice meat vocabulary. To help you out, we have made a whole post on different vocabulary games you can play with your child.

This post includes two games that you can download and play with your child. As well, we give you ideas on how to use your new meat flashcards in fun and useful ways to teach your child about food in English.

More Food Vocabulary

If you are looking for more food vocabulary and food flashcards, take a look at our food in English home page. We have lessons on all 5 food groups and common drinks. You can get there by clicking on the image below.

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Final Thoughts

In most cultures, meat plays an incredibly important role in holidays and family gatherings. With this list, I have tried to give you an introduction to important meat terms for your child to learn for North American English. Once you have taught your child some of these basic words, encourage them to use them in their everyday lives. Repeated use will help make them more confident English speakers as they get older. I find that there is nothing more influential than a committed parent for a child’s learning outcomes. For this reason, I hope that this article will help you guide your child to better English.

This article is our third post on the names of food in English. If you’re interested, we have also talked about the names of fruit in English and the names of vegetables in English.  

If you have any questions or requests for future posts, please feel free to comment below.

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